Lake Township FISH

Welcome to Lake Township FISH

FISH'S function is to be a source of assistance for people in need in the Lake Township, Ohio area. Help includes groceries, clothing, utilities, housing payments and other miscellaneous help as needed. A Holiday Help Program is also available at Christmas.

Lake Township FISH

Save Acme Receipts For FISH

Lake Township FISH will again participate in Acme’s Community Cash Back Program beginning September 18, 2014 and end February 4, 2015. If you have Acme register receipts, please give them to your church’s FISH representative to take to the pantry or take them to the pantry when you volunteer and deposit them in the container on the table where the coupons are. FISH will earn a 5% return on the purchase of these brand name products: Acme Fresh Market, Food Club, Top Care, Full Circle, Valu Time, Paws, World Classics, Academix, Dometrix and Electrix from this store. This is an easy way to earn cash for FISH.


934 W. Maple (South Entrance to GentleBrook Centre)
P.O. BOX 611