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Admin Assistant

Hartville, OH 44632, USA

Job Type

Part Time, 12 hrs/wk

About the Role

Primary responsibility includes managing the administrative needs of the food pantry office, conducting daily tasks in regards to procurement and distribution of food, and providing general organization-wide support as needed. Procurement and Distribution of food includes pickup, receipt, storage, and distribution of food to community members in need. Trains and manages staff and volunteers to ensure that client needs are met. Position requires frequent contact with volunteers, vendors, clients, and the general public.


Job Responsibilities:

· Communicate with Director

· Oversee weekly stocking (stocking, distribution signage, volunteers)

· Monitor inspection of all donations for dates on products

· Place weekly order with the Akron-Canton Foodbank

· Send reports for Agency Direct Pickups

· Communicate Pantry needs to local shopper

· Recruit and schedule volunteers

· Prepare and submit monthly pantry data to ACRFB and SCHTF

· Cover for food pantry supervisors and volunteers

· Coordinate with Director to plan food drives

· Coordinate appliance maintenance, Pantry cleaning, inspections, and van maintenance

· Attend FISH Advisory Board meetings and offer insight to pantry-related issues

· Participate in meetings and committees as appropriate

· Coordinate the Holiday Help Programs through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season in cooperation with Lake Local Schools, area churches and other non-profits

· Assist in planning/coordinating the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

· Recruit Congregational Representatives

· Maintain a professional, positive, and courteous demeanor

· Other duties assigned on an “as needed” basis


- Ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals in a compassionate manner

- Demonstrates strong organizational skills

- Ability to work in multiple computer programs including, but not limited to: Microsoft Office, Google Office, and other Food Bank programs.

- Ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

- Ability to be open minded to new works ideas and methods.

- Ability to problem-solve on various issues as they relate to the Food Pantry.

- Ability to deliver services to those in need with compassion, clear boundaries, and good communication skills.

- Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.

- Ability to be organized, motivated, and remain flexible under pressure.

- Ability to supervise others in a work environment.

Physical Requirements:

- Ability to lift up of 50 lbs, climb ladders, bend, twist and kneel

- Ability to work on feet for long periods of time

- Ability to sit, type, and view a computer screen for long periods of time

- Language/Mathematical skills and reasoning ability

- English speaking required

- Ability to communicate effectively

- Must be able to adjust work hours based on agency needs: some weekends and evenings

About the Company

Lake Township FISH is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Hartville, Ohio. We operate a food pantry that serves an 8-mile radius around Hartville. We also offer emergency financial assistance to Lake Township residents facing utility shut-off or eviction notices.

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