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Food Assistance

The Lake Township FISH Food Pantry receives donations from local churches, schools, individuals, groups, and businesses. We are also a proud partner of the

Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank where we purchase both food and non-food items at reduced costs.

If there are questions about location or eligibility, please call 330-877-1845 for more information.

On the first visit to the pantry, clients should bring

a photo ID, and if the address is not current on the photo ID, a current utility bill is required.

boundary map.jpg

Our pantry covers an extended area surrounding Lake Township.

Our pantry borders include:

- South of 224

- North of Applegrove

- East of 77 & 241

- West of Marlboro Ave

See map for details.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services



This table shows gross income for each family size. If your household income is at or below the income listed for the number of people in your household, you are eligible to receive food. 

income charT ONLY.jpg

Clients certify that their current gross household income is at or below the income listed on this form for households with the same number of people in the household. Clients also certify that, as of today, the household lives in the area served by this agency. This information is provided in connection with the receipt of Federal assistance through The Emergency Food Assistance Program and/or the state funded food program. 

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